A Balanchine Celebration - 09/28/14

Elana @ the Hole Gallery exhibit: Future Feminism, September 11 – 27, 2014
Hole Gallery Exhibit: Future Feminism

This evening, I shared an extended conversation on the topic of de-baptism with both Rose and
Johanna Constantine @ The Future Feminism Store. After I made my way to the BAM Harvey
Theater to hear Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet perform, I met Antony of Antony and
the Johnsons and shared a brief conversation with him on the same topic. His advice?
Be devoted to oneself.
the topic of de-baptism

We often say that the biggest job we have is to teach a newly hired employee to fail
intelligently...to experiment over and over again and to keep on trying
and failing until they learn what will work. ---Charles Kettering
Charles Kettering quote

Music is a performance and needs the audience. ---Michael Tippett
Michael Tippett quote

Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round
is the shortest way home. ---James Joyce
[ View from our apartment balcony. Kensington, Brooklyn ]
View From Our Apartment Balcony

Drs. Jeannette D. Dekeukeleire visits Harriet and Nicholas from Amsterdam's Art Kitchen gallery.
She is preparing to show work at PS1's Art Book Fair tomorrow.
Jeannette D. Dekeukeleire

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there
are many more hills to climb. ---Nelson Mandela
Climbing a great hill

Harriet McCaig @ A New York City Ballet celebration of the work of George Balanchine
Harriet McCaig

Nicholas Croft @ A New York City Ballet celebration of the work of George Balanchine
Nicholas Croft

Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and
it commands the higher price. ---Jean Baudrillard
Seduction Quote

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