Alexandra Beller & Lucy Kerr - 06/01/15

Sometimes the producer has more say and the director takes what he is given. On other occasions,
you don't see the producer very much and the director is the one who it is all about. ---Julie Harris
[ Zbig Vision Scholar Nicholas Croft with his partner Harriet McCaig in Millerton, NY. ]
Kristi Spessard Dance Projects

Robert Poss has composed and performed music for choreographers Sally Gross, Alexandra Beller
and Gerald Casel, has worked with ex-Band Of Susans member Susan Stenger on a 96-day musical
installation for the Musée d’art Contemporain in Lyon, France, performed at the premier of
composer Phill Niblock’s piece ‘Stosspeng’ in Krems, Austria and contributed music
to an Albert Maysles/Kristen Nutile documentary, Sally Gross:
The Pleasure Of Stillness.
Dancer/Choreographer Kristi Spessard

Alexandra Beller has recently learned the dances of her children, in the hope that it would bring
her closer to what it feels like to be a human with no stories, no critiques, no formulas, no
delusions, no denials, no successes or failures, no ego. The result is a new evening-length work
for four remarkable dancers called ‘milkdreams’. They present it to the public in June
at La Mama for a full two week season.
Walt Whitman quote

‘milkdreams’ open rehearsal with choreographer/dancer Alexandra Beller,
Lea Fulton, Edward Rice and Carly Berrett.
‘milkdreams’ Open Rehearsal

The way you write a screenplay is that you close your eyes and run
the movie in your head and then you write it down. ---Salman Rushdie
Damani Pompey is a native of Brooklyn, NY

According to the new ethics, virtue is not restrictive but expansive,
a sentiment and even an intoxication. ---Irving Babbitt
---Irving Babbitt quote.

Choreographer/Dancer Lucy Kerr reflects on her philosophical dialog
over tea and coffee with Zbig Vision Scholar Nicholas Croft.
Lucy Kerr Reflects On Her Philosophical Dialog

Nicholas to Lucy: Do you think we can lift the energy a bit and bring it more towards the neutral?
Lucy to Nicholas: Let’s focus together on it.
Let’s focus together on it.

Arthur Russell Tribute @ the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Arthur Russell Tribute @ BAM

I'm also good at meditation.
It involves doing nothing and everything at the same time. ---Mike Oldfield
...I’m also good at meditation.

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