Amsterdam People - 11/25/11

Aunt Phien leads Nicholas and Harriet around her home
of Naarden-Vesting in the Netherlands.
Phien Leads Nicholas and Harriet Around Her Home of Naarden-Vesting in the Netherlands

Aunt Phien and Harriet burst into spontaneous song
at the tomb of Jan Amos Komensk√Ĺ (1592-1670).
Phien and Harriet Burst Into Spontaneous Song at the Tomb of Jan Amos Komensk√Ĺ (1592-1670)

Aunt Phien, Harriet and Lucas in Naarden-Vesting.
Phien, Harriet and Lucas in Narden

Aunt Phien ascends to the ethers whenever she hears
the compositional food of the baroque period.
Phien Ascends to the Ethers Whenever She Hears the Compositional Food of the Baroque Period

A visit to Lucas's apartment overlooking Amsterdam's Singel Canal.
A Visit to Lucas's Apartment Overlooking Amsterdam's Singel Canal

Lucas and Nicholas discuss the fate of Europe in the twenty-first century.
Lucas and Nicholas Discuss the Fate of Europe in the Twenty-First Century

Lucas is speechless.
Lucas is Speechless

Lucas is still speechless.
Lucas is Still Speechless

Harriet presents to Lucas our possible future home in Kensington, Brooklyn.
Harriet Presents To Lucas Our Possible Future Home in Kensington Brooklyn

Some enthusastic dancing for Harriet and Nicholas.
Dancing for Harriet and Nicholas

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