Anastasia Clarke & James Hollis - 07/24/17

Pauline Oliveros herself describes Deep Listening as 'listening in every possible way to everything
possible to hear no matter what one is doing.' Basically Deep Listening, as developed by Oliveros,
explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary,
selective nature – exclusive and inclusive -- of listening.
[ Harriet McCaig and Nicholas Croft visit The World Is Sound exhibition @ The Rubin Museum ]
Deep Listening Rubin Museum

The World Is Sound @ The Rubin Museum. Featuring work by more than 20 artists, The World Is Sound
juxtaposes new site-specific commissions and works by prominent contemporary sound artists with
historical objects from the museum’s collection of Tibetan Buddhist art to encourage
reflection on how we listen and to challenge entrenched ways of thinking.
The World Is Sound Rubin Museum

Anastasia Clarke is a New York City based artist working with music and sound. A lifelong singer
and sound-experimenter, she began blending electronics, improvisation, and egalitarian approaches
to sound composition while studying at Bennington College from 2006–2010. As of Fall 2016,
Anastasia matriculated as a MFA candidate at Mills College in Oakland, CA.
Anastasia Clarke.

Live Presence + Anastasia Clarke @ Situations Gallery, NYC
Live Presence + Anastasia Clarke @ Situations Gallery, NYC.

When someone is trying to interpret something for you, they always have an agenda. ---Penn Jillette
---Penn Jillette quote.

As a photographer, Robin Rice has an earthy and bohemian way of portraying people and situations that
is reflective of the way she lives life. She runs The Robin Rice Gallery in New York City. As an
artist who feels lucky to be able to parlay her love of the photographic medium into
a career, she treats her gallery like a family rather than a business.
The Robin Rice Gallery.

Kevin Ryan created an online platform called for selected photographers to display and
sell their works online as X9 photo editions with e-commerce, printing, and framing integration.
Previously, Kevin has worked with the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation,
individual artists, musicians, creative figures, cultural institutions, corporations and agencies.
Photographer Kevin Ryan.

We may think that we fully control ourselves. However, a friend can easily reveal something
about us that we have absolutely no idea about. ---C.G. Jung
---C.G. Jung quote.

The New York Center for Jungian Studies was founded in 1993 by Aryeh Maidenbaum and Diana Rubin.
All of the centers conferences, seminars, workshops, and study tours are held in extraordinary settings with
excellent facilities and offer participants programs led by internationally recognized analysts and authors.
[ Harriet McCaig and Nicholas Croft @ Jung On the Hudson. Rhinebeck, N.Y. ]
The New York Center for Jungian Studies was founded in 1993.

A Special Weekend with James Hollis, PhD, Taking Your Life Back: Living More Fully in the Shadow of
Mortality. Given that mortality frames our journey, how might we live it more fully, not defined by
fear, morbidity, and denial? What attitudes and practices allow us to live more fully? And what
sort of psychological maturation brings us to experience this short pause as rich with meaning?
A Special Weekend with James Hollis, PhD, Taking Your Life Back.

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