Arzu Salman and Michiyaya Dance - 04/12/19

The eyes are the window to your soul. ---William Shakespeare
[ Dancer Arzu Salman with Nicholas Croft @ 58th Street, NYC ]
Dancer Arzu Salman.

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Arzu Salman received her primary dance training from Piedmont School of
Music and Dance, North Carolina. She continued her education at The Ailey School and Fordham
University where she has received her BFA in Dance with a minor in Communications in 2018.
Born in Izmir, Turkey, Dancer Arzu Salman.

The whole point of a commencement speech is to say something encouraging. ---Pamela Druckerman
[ Nicholas Croft @ The SUNY Purchase College Dance Theater Lab ]
---Pamela Druckerman quote.

A lot of what making art is, is just being open, and empty. And putting yourself in the
right place for things to, literally, come together. ---Bill Viola
[ Nicholas Croft @ The SUNY Purchase College Dance Theater Lab ]
Purchase College Dance Theater Lab.

For me, the art of dance is not really about the dancer. During a performance, the dancer displays
their listening practice through their movement practice in public. For the audience
witnessing a dance, the music becomes more alive, more startlingly vivid
and engaging as a consequence. ---Nicholas Croft
For me, the art of dance is not really about the dancer.

MICHIYAYA Dance is a femme-identifying contemporary dance theater company based in New York City.
Co-founded in fall 2015 by Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery, MICHIYAYA Dance’s vision is
to produce collaborative work with a synthesis of dance and visual art.

For Gabrielle Revlock's SEX TAPE, the choreography has been extracted from a video recording
of Gabrielle embracing a male lover. In place of the man is a close female friend. This work
is Part 2 of a project entitled Manifesto, about power, care and gender. ---Program Notes
Dancer Gabrielle Revlock's SEX TAPE.

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us. ---Max Frisch
[ Kickstarter Project Scholar Nicholas Croft with SYREN Modern Dance @ New York Live Arts. (2012) ]
Nicholas Croft with SYREN Modern Dance.

I'm home from my 'no-touch' energy work session @ Serenity Center NYC, with Angela Alfieri. This was
my second such session with Angela. The other was about two years ago. In both cases there was definite
energy flow, which I trusted as 'self-authenticating'. Interesting that both times, my personal
response was that the energy flow functioned as a kind of 'truth serum'.
The Serenity Center NYC, with Angela Alfieri.

Croft Family Friend Charley Krachy has been playing professionally for the last thirty years alongside
jazz greats Connie Crothers, Ted Brown and Kazzrie Jaxen. Woody Mann received his first musical
schooling in the living room of Reverend Gary Davis, the legendary blues, gospel and ragtime guitarist.
Charley Krachy and Woody Mann.

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