Dance Films Association & Stephanie Barber - 03/07/14

Your eyes. It's a day's work just to look into them. ---Laurie Anderson
Christy Park, executive director of Dance Films Association.
Christy Park, Executive Director of Dance Films Association

Looking/Talking: A live cinema improvisation with Stephanie Barber.
Microscope Gallery - 4 Charles Place, Brooklyn, New York.
Live Cinema Improvisation with Stephanie Barber

Live Cinema has hitherto been used primarily to describe the live musical accompaniment
of silent movies. Live Cinema today stands for the simultaneous creation of sound
and image in real-time by sonic and visual artists who collaborate on
equal terms and with elaborate concepts.
Live Cinema Improvisation with Stephanie Barber

Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise. ---Novalis

Lary 7 is a co-founder of Plastickville Records and is a major figure in the New York experimental
music underground. He has worked with Jarboe and Jimi Tenor, and has appeared on releases
from Touch. He succeeded in upstaging Arto Lindsay at their 2003 concert at the Barbican
Theatre in London, by getting the most jeers for his ground-breaking style of irritainment.
Lary 7 is a co-founder of Plastickville Records

To emphasize only the beautiful seems to me to be like a mathematical
system that only concerns itself with positive numbers. ---Paul Klee
Paul Klee

It's still a gift to live with the subtle energies of Kensington, Brooklyn.
Kensington, Brooklyn

People actually live with their id exposed. They're not good at
concealing what's going on inside. ---Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman

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