Harriet's Business Trip - 01/14/11

Viewing a Chinese sweater factory compound model.
Viewing A Chinese Sweater Factory Compound Model

A store owned by the sweater manufacturer.
A Store Owned By The Sweater Manufacturer

Fitting a prototype sweater design sample on a model.
Fitting A Prototype Sweater Design Sample On A Model

The factory fiber analysis laboratory.
The Factory Fiber Analysis Laboratory

A flock of cashmere goats.
A Flock of Cashmere Goats

The baby!
The Baby!

$8000 bags of raw cashmere waiting to be spun.
$8000 Bags of Raw Cashmere Waiting To Be Spun

Winding of the cashmere yarn.
Winding Of The Cashmere Yarn

Automatic knitting machines in operation.
Automatic Knitting Machines In Operation

Workers checking and mending the finished garments.
Workers Checking and Mending The Finished Garments

Boom town China - The outskirts of Shenzhen.
Boom Town China - The Outskirts of Shenzhen

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