Mariette Papic & Kate Graves - 12/14/15

In the middle of 1971, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser's management style at Ohr caused two
of his A&R men, Bruno Wendel and Günter Körber, to leave Ohr and set up
their own record company, which they called Brain.
[ Nicholas Croft @ Danspace, East Village - NYC ]
Nicholas Croft and Brain Records.

Mariette Papic. Writer. Photographer. Social Media Coach. Artist with
a penchant for street art, meditation and electronic cultures.
Mariette Papic

Life on our planet has been a constant series of cataclysmic events, and we are
more suitable for extinction than a trilobite or a reptile. So we will vanish.
There's no doubt in my heart. ---Werner Herzog
[ Nicholas Croft with Mariette Papic in Tribeca, NYC ]
Nicholas Croft with Mariette Papic in Tribeca

I am not doing something that it is experimental music
in relation to classical music. ---Joanna Newsom
Joanna Newsom at the Kings Theater

Baltimore is the home of numerous places of higher learning, both public and private. More than
66,000 students attend Baltimore City's 12 accredited two-year or four-year colleges and universities.
Among them are: The Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University Maryland. Maryland
Institute College of Art, Notre Dame of Maryland University and Towson University.
[ Harriet McCaig and Nicholas Croft @ Empire House, Baltimore ]
Harriet McCaig and Nicholas Croft at Empire House, Baltimore

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before
he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted. ---Henri Matisse
[ Harriet McCaig in The Rockaways ]
Harriet McCaig in The Rockaways

The first dolly track was somebody who had the idea to put the camera on a boat on a canal.
So the boat would move very slowly but steadily. So they would see all that surrounds
you and you'd see the landscape changing slowly. So that was the first time.
---Michel Gondry
[ Nicholas Croft with Harriet McCaig @ Dead Horse Bay National Park ]
Nicholas Croft with Harriet McCaig at Dead Horse Bay National Park

Even if you're specific about the character of the song, it's more exciting to place them,
juxtapose them in such a way as to make an adventure out of the sequence of the songs.
---Robert Wyatt
[ Kate Graves and Harriet McCaig @ Gateway National Recreation Area ]
Kate Graves and Harriet McCaig at Gateway National Recreation Area

'The Sacrifice' is a 1986 Swedish film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Starring Erland Josephson,
it centers on a middle-aged intellectual who attempts to bargain with G-d to stop an
impending nuclear holocaust. The Sacrifice was Tarkovsky's third film as a
Soviet expatriate and was also his last, as he died shortly after its completion.
[ Nicholas Croft with Artist/Meditator Kate Graves @ Fort Tilden Bunker ]
---Sextus Propertius quote.

All along my eyes, mind, heart and time have been caught and pulled in many directions.
The discipline of making art, and more recently, of meditation continues to serve the
essential purpose of bringing a still point to the ever-turning world. I maintain that
the absence of awareness of time passing when engaged in these processes is
one of my favorite states. ---Kate Graves
Kate Graves Artist Statement

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