Mohonk Mountain House( Photos by Harriet ) - 05/06/11

Spring is here!
Spring is Here!

Harriet is in the details...
Harriet Is In The Details...

Nicholas on the Eagle Cliff Trail
Nicholas On The Eagle Cliff Trail

Harriet needs nature to feel alive.
Harriet Needs Nature to Feel Alive

The Mountain House in the distance.
The Mountain House In The Distance

Tower Rock in the afternoon.
Tower Rock In The Afternoon

Nicholas with Harriet near Lake Mohonk.
Nicholas With Harriet Near Lake Mohonk

Harriet listens to the birds singing.
Harriet Listens to the Birds Singing

Gentle breezes caress the skin.
Gentle Breezes Caress the Skin

Mother Earth reaching for sunlight.
Mother Earth Reaching for Sunlight

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