Noa Guy and Simon Critchley - 02/09/12

Ty spends her spare time in coffee shops reading
Popper's 'The Open Society and Its Enemies'.
Ty Spends Her Spare Time In Coffee Shops Reading Popper's 'The Open Society and Its Enemies'

Lunch again @ Thai Terminal with Luksika.
Lunch Again At Thai Terminal With Luksika

Talking about the reality of contemporary relationships with the
East Village's 'confessor': Mourad of Today's Cut Salon.
Talking About The Reality of Contemporary Relationships With The East Village's 'Confessor': Mourad of Today's Cut Salon

Quiet moments of reflection on participating in the
Vesper Services @ St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.
Quiet Moments of Reflection On Participating In The Vesper Services At St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery

A morning of conversation with composer/dancer Noa Guy
regarding the ethos of contemplative art.
A Morning of Conversation with Composer/Dancer Noa Guy About the Ethos of Contemplative Art

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. ---Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Greatest Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself ---Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Stone is an opinion series in the New York Times
moderated by Simon Critchley.
The Stone Is An Opinion Series In The New York Times Moderated By Simon Critchley

Cornel West is a 1973 graduate of Harvard University and
also a professor @ Union Theological Seminary.
Cornel West Is A 1973 Graduate of Harvard University And Also A Professor at Union Theological Seminary

Nicholas and Harriet @ the Outsider Art Fair after visiting with
a friend in NYU Medical Center's Oncology Department.
Nicholas and Harriet At The Outsider Art Fair After Visiting With A Friend In NYU Medical Center's Oncology Department

Discussing the range of healing and hygiene strategies available
with Margot @ Commodities Natural Market
Discussing the Range of Healing and Hygiene Strategies Available With Margot @ Commodities Natural Market

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