Paul Bachmann and Kickstarter HQ - 03/23/12

An afternoon of reality-testing with photographer, cinematographer,
and Zbig Vision special effects expert Paul Bachmann.
An Afternoon of Reality-Testing With Photographer, Cinematographer, and Zbig Vision Special Effects Expert Paul Bachmann

Gentling with Lou outside of St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.
Gentling With Lou Outside of St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery

A morning of strategic dialog @
Kickstarter Headquarters, Rivington Street.
A Morning of Strategic Dialog @ The Kickstarter Headquarters On Rivington Street

A Kickstarter employee meditating on the clarity, enthusiasm
and inherent beauty of art project proposals.
A Kickstarter Employee Meditating On The Clarity, Enthusiasm and Inherent Beauty of Art Project Proposals

Beryl Korot - BitForms Gallery
Text & Commentary 1976-77.
Beryl Korot - BitForms Gallery - Text and Commentary, 1976-77

Pootie Bear is slowly becoming more comfortable
in our new home in Kensington, Brooklyn.
Pootie Bear Is Slowly Becoming More Comfortable In Our New Home In Brooklyn

Nicholas is saying farewell to the East Village.
Nicholas Is Saying Farewell To The East Village

Harriet is saying: What is, is.
Harriet Is Saying: What Is, Is

Life in transition. - #1
Life In Transition #1

Life in transition. - #2
Life In Transition #2

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