Sarah Lipstate & Cascade Vineyards - 10/13/14

A morning of music dialog at home with loop guitarist Sarah Lipstate [ Aka Noveller ]
Sarah Lipstate Aka Noveller

Nestled atop the foothills to the Berkshire Mountains, high above the Hudson Valley,
Cascade Mountain Winery has been making award winning wines for over 35 years.
Cascade Vineyards

Cascade Mountain was founded in the spring of 1972 by the Wetmore family who pioneered the
production of premium table wines on the eastern side of the Hudson River. Bill, a former
Novelist, along with his wife Margaret and their three children Charles, Michael, and Joan,
planted the vineyard in 1972, built the winery in 1977 and opened a restaurant in 1985.
Cascade Mountain Winery

Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty.
Noise is that cup, but broken. ---Robert Fripp
Robert Fripp quote

When you're making video, you're giving structure to time,
which is what a composer does. ---Bill Viola
[ Franklin Delano Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park, New York ]
Bill Viola quote

I'm playing dark history. It's beyond black. I'm dealing with the dark things
of the cosmos. ---Sun Ra [ @ PS1's Art Book Fair ]
Sun Ra quote

Harriet McCaig and Jeanette Dekeukeleire talk about the ArtKitchen gallery art
@ MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair.
ArtKitchen Gallery

Drs. Jeannette D. Dekeukeleire visits Harriet and Nicholas from the Artkitchen gallery Amsterdam.
She spent the weekend showing work at MoMA PS1's Art Book Fair.
Jeannette D. Dekeukeleire

Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would
be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. ---Ouida
[ Marijke McCaig and Nicholas Croft contemplate photographer
Harriet McCaig @ the Royal Henley Retirement Residence. ]
Marijke McCaig, Nicholas Croft and Harriet McCaig

To help to properly prepare for Easter, Harriet McCaig and Nicholas Croft
spent another afternoon today with the New York City Ballet.
New York City Ballet

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