Nicholas Croft - Personal Statement 2023

Nicholas Croft with Zbig Vision HD Studio

As of 2010, Nicholas Croft embodies a Social Security Administration certified disability status. A kind of fragility combined with the recurrence of difficult illness symptoms prevents his employment with conventional employers.

He works to give back ( thanks for his many blessings received ) to a small public by pledging towards art projects which appear to him to manifest a state of health and beauty. His modest government benefits united with the support of extended family allows him to do this. Sometimes he pledges more and sometimes he pledges less, but it really should not always be about the dollar amount, which is sometimes just symbolic: List of supported Kickstarter projects.

Nicholas also meets with and records photo portraits of artists he respects: Instagram featuring the Portraits. Then he writes about their work in relation to his contemplative life via social networking, since he mostly stays at home in solitude when he is not attending performances of music and dance. Nicholas finds spiritual solace and a sense of palpable grace through the arts.

In 1991, Nicholas made a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and in 1992, he made a Pilgrimage to the Vatican seeking a cure. His funding life appears to be the fruit and fulfillment of all that spiritual effort. Sometimes healing is possible even when a cure is not forthcoming. For Nicholas, the art he supports brings Heaven to Earth and helps to realize the unique gifts of each artist involved. What more could anyone want?

A special thanks to Ian McCaig, Lee Croft and Harriet McCaig for their ongoing support during the period between Sunday April 4, 2010 and Tuesday April 24, 2018. Also, to my sister Meri Croft for her support in recent times.

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