Strasberg Institute and Neighborhood Playhouse - 09/01/12

Caitlin feels that her Masters Degree in Creative Arts Therapy will be just as useful with
her current employers: Hotel Tortuga Cafe, as it will be in the locked ward of
her future employers: Bellevue Hospital.
Caitlin Feels That Her Masters Degree in Creative Arts Therapy Will Be Just As Useful With Her Current Employers: Hotel Tortuga, As It Will Be In The Locked Ward of Her Future Employers: Bellevue Hospital

Speaking with Lydia, office manager @ the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, about
the nature of artistic vision in relation to the forces of political and social history.
Speaking With Lydia, Office Manager @ The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, About The Nature of Artistic Vision In Relation To The Forces of Political and Social History

An afternoon discussing dance and the work of director Darren Aronofsky
with actress Christina Toth @ the Neighborhood Playhouse.
An Afternoon Discussing Dance and The Work of Director Darren Aronofsky With Actress Christina Toth @ The Neighborhood Playhouse

Teaching regarding the current Zbig Vision production plans.

A video fantasia on Nicholas Croft's early work with Zbig Vision.

The Rybczynski's @ the Croft family home.
The Rybczynski's @ The Croft Family Home

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