SYREN Dance and Occupy Yoga - 01/15/12

Lynn Peterson co-artistic director-dancer with
SYREN Dance @ New York Live Arts.
Lynn Peterson Co-Artistic Director-Dancer With SYREN Dance @ New York Live Arts

Hunter, the stage manager, cues the music for SYREN dance piece #18.
Hunter, The Stage Manager, Cues The Music for SYREN Dance Piece #18

A SYREN dancer finding the spiritual center of her performance.
A SYREN Dancer Finding The Spiritual Center of Her Performance

The music of J.S. Bach is helping to create the mood for what's
possible within the choreographic scenario.
The Music of J.S. Bach Is Creating the Mood for What's Possible Within the Choreographic Scenario

Silencing cell phones @ Issue Project Room.
Silencing Cell Phones @ Issue Project Room

Floating Points: a canary torsi,
Five Performers Demonstrate a Field.
Floating Points: a canary torsi, Five Performers Demonstrate a Field

White Box art space founder - artistic director, Juan Puntes
@ Occupy Yoga
White Box Art Space Founder - Artistic Director, Juan Puntes @ Occupy Yoga

Kundalini Yoga teacher Fateh Singh @ the Occupy Yoga
happening in Zuccotti Park.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Fateh Singh @ The Occupy Yoga Happening in Zuccotti Park

The Occupy Yoga 'Die-In' @ Zuccotti Park.
The Occupy Yoga 'Die-In' @ Zuccotti Park

The memorial service and celebration for Exit Art founder
Jeanette Ingberman's life and work.
The Memorial Service and Celebration for Exit Art Founder Jeanette Ingberman's Life and Work

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