Unsound Festival 2014 & Anastasia Clarke - 04/07/14

Network Theory—An Introduction and Inquisition for ICAS:
A panel explores ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound), a network of
festivals aligned with Unsound and spread throughout numerous cities around the world.
International Cities of Advanced Sound

Unsound Festival artistic director Mat Schulz @ the Goethe Institut.
Mat Schulz

A quietly satisfying morning of loop guitar dialog with Anastasia Clarke in Ditmas Park.
Anastasia Clarke

Shigeko Kubota, wife of video artist Nam June Paik, with video artist Bill Viola.
Shigeko Kubota, wife of video artist Nam June Paik, with video artist Bill Viola.

Currently Chelsea Ainsworth is teaching at Cap21 in New York, dancing
with ZviDance and David Parker, and a practicing Thai masseuse.
Chelsea Ainsworth

Moving to New York in 1988 to complete his BFA @ the New School
for jazz and contemporary Music, Owen Howard has now been on the
cutting edge of the New York City jazz scene for the past twenty years.
Owen Howard

Galen Bremer is a composer, producer, and performing artist whose creations
span various genres from jazz to house and minimalist electronica.
Galen Bremer

Erin Cairns Cella is a dance artist interested in the anatomical and physiological intricacies of the
performing body to encourage a heightened sense of presence in both audiences and performers.
Erin Cairns Cella

Light House began as a simple idea: the image of a light in the darkness. In a time in Anne Zuerner's
life when she was feeling overwhelmed by darkness, creating Light House was a way
for her to look for sources of internal and external illumination.
Light House

Originally from Vermont, Zoe Rabinowitz earned her BFA in dance
from the Ailey/Fordham BFA program in New York City.
Zoe Rabinowitz

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